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As trailed on last week’s show, you are invited to send questions to the boys for possible inclusion in the live Rambles using the hashtags #ramblelivemanchester #rambleliveedinburgh and #ramblelivelondon.

Here’s your starter for ten. Does Peetles still nurse his well publicised dislike for Australia’s greatest striker? Or is this the best goal that has ever been scored in the history of the world (this week in the Asian Cup)?

Expect swearing, either way.


By Kelly Welles

Tim Cahill, Australia, Pete Donaldson

Do I smell a publicity stunt?

Former Chelsea midfielder and ESPN pundit Craig Burley has reportedly had a tattoo of Fernando Torres inked onto his forearm after betting that Torres wouldn’t score in Atletico Madrid’s recent game vs. Real.


The video of the procedure that allegedly resulted in the above monstrosity is all over yer internets this morning, but our bullshit radar simply hasn’t stopped twitching.

If this doesn’t turn out to be a Sharpie inked effort by a tattoo artist up for a laugh, I’ll have a full size portrait of Pete Donaldson inked onto my back.

Well, I would do, if I didn’t already have one.


By Kelly Welles

Fernando Torres, Craig Burley

You can understand why adidas might be attracted to this kind of campaign. Hatred and envy are extremely powerful emotions and if you can harness them… well that’s a lot of boots sold.

But conversely, we have footballer’s wealth thrown in our faces all the time. Do we need reminding that the likes of Gareth Bale can afford to do one of those heart things with his hands in a pool on an island the same shape, if he so wished?

That Luis Suarez could buy teething rings for everyone in the world? Or everything (apart from massive insects, that is) James Rodriguez touches turns to gold?

It’s a great advert. It is. But do you hate, or does it just grate?


By Kelly Welles

adidas, Gareth Bale, Luis Suarez, James Rodriguez

It’s been a rough week for football, but nothing compared to the horror that unfolded at the offices of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday, and sadly continues as I write.

We’ve personally sent our thoughts and prayers to those involved, and while politics isn’t an area we tend to venture into, this spontaneous version of the Marseillaise that broke out before the Lille vs. Evian match that night, is so touching and we wanted to share it with you.

Nous Sommes Tous Charlie.


By Kelly Welles

Lille, Nous Sommes Tous Charlie, Charlie Hebdo, Evian

Come on, Birmingham City fans. Taking the piss out of a professional keeper is one thing.

Relentlessly abusing a man who spends his days erecting scaffolding during what must be one of the highlights of his life is another.

Fortunately for you, he was a great sport. But you’ve depleted your annual allocation of ‘TheMagicOfTheFACup’ by at least 50%.

Think on.


By Kelly Welles

Birmingham City, Blyth Spartans, FA Cup

Two things.

If you’re going to call a press conference to announce you have just been selected for U21 duty, the chances are, it’s probably fair to say you enjoy a bit of attention.

Secondly, this kind of parental mentalism takes years of work to accomplish. It doesn’t just come out of the blue and you’re going to have experienced the fallout before reaching to age of 19.

Still, congratulations to Pione Sisto on at least attemptng to harness the mayhem upon his call upi for Denmark’s U21 squad. And simultaneously turning an otherwise borning and unneccessary presser into an experience those journalists are never likely to forget.

He’ll go far, that one.


By Kelly Welles

Pione Sisto, Denmark

This video from last month showed us what happened when a gang of Arsenal players were stuffed into a Citroen with a woman purporting to be Arsenal Ladies’ latest recruit. (It was actually stunt driver Annalease Ferrari.)

You’d imagine they’d be used to travelling in a vehicle driven by someone who appears to have lost control of their faculties, wouldn’t you?

Then again, maybe not.


By Kelly Welles


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