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The Dean Windass
Hall of Fame

Wembley Stadium

Hall of fame creator. Knee-trembler.


Museum of GOOOOOOOL!

Dennis Bergkamp

Ain’t gettin’ on no plane foo’.

Michael Laudrup

Greatest Dane, breed of dog included.

Marc Overmars

Meep meep.

FC Start

Hitler defying super-bakers.

Teddy Sheringham

Evergreen striker. Now Director of Skirt at Faces nightclub.

The Mighty Magyars

Hungarian and proper good.

Diego Maradona

More dropped shoulders than a clumsy butcher.

Carlos Valderrama

Skill. Goals. Hair.

Dejan Petkovic

Journeyman. Liked a suntan.

Matthias Sindelar

The Mozart of football.

Gianfranco Zola

Little man, big goalscorer.

Bert Trautmann

Healing factor that puts Wolverine’s to shame.

New York Cosmos

Pele! Beckenbauer! Chinaglia! Noo Yawk! NAZZLE!

Paolo Maldini

God chiselled him from stardust and defending.

Herbert Chapman

Made sense of it all.

Kalusha Bwalya

Mr Zambia.

Salif Keita

Groundbreaking Malian globetrotter.

Arrigo Sacchi

Sold shoes.