The Football Ramble
Est 2007. The most entertaining voice in football

The Dean Windass
Hall of Fame

Johnny Haynes

Passes against the classes

Sir Bobby Robson

Football’s favourite grandad.

Roy Keane

His children are safe in the knowledge that their dad could beat up your dad.

C├ęsar Luis Menotti

Clearly didn’t eat his own words.

Wembley Stadium

Hall of fame creator. Knee-trembler.

Sir Stanley Matthews

Sepia dribble merchant.

Marc Overmars

Meep meep.

Malcolm Allison

It takes a real man to wear a fedora.

Diego Maradona

More dropped shoulders than a clumsy butcher.

Claudio Caniggia

The son of the wind.

Paulo Roberto Falcao

Artfully Garfunkel.

Jimmy Greaves

Former TV presenter.

Dennis Bergkamp

Ain’t gettin’ on no plane foo’.


Even as a paper boy he’d score on every round.

Hector Castro

Single handedly won the 1930 World Cup.


The Lance Armstrong of bicycle kickers.


Kicked it really hard.

Zinedine Zidane

Head (and shoulders) above the rest.

Jack Greenwell

Globe-trotting manager who won all sorts.


Eat. Score. Eat. Score. Eat. Score…