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The Dean Windass
Hall of Fame

WC ‘98 France Squad

Goal de vivre.


Raul Madrid.  German shirt retirer.

John Charles

Gentle giant. Hard to be flippant about.

Toni Polster

Er hatte eishockey haar.

Len Shackleton

Dab hand with a squirty flower.

Jean Pierre-Papin

Scampering goal mouse.

Michael Owen

A finisher.

Paolo Rossi

Phoenix-like talisman.

Jack Charlton

Factually accurate nickname.

Juan Roman Riquelme

Zen-paced headcase.

Dean Windass

Notoriously has a Hall of Fame named after him on some podcast.

Baichung Bhutia

Himalayas waste to defences.

Dejan Petkovic

Journeyman. Liked a suntan.

Chris Waddle

Efehfehfehfehfeh, efehfehfehfehfeh.

Hugo Sanchez

Balletic, Mexican goal-ninja.

Josef Bican

GOOOOOOAL. Over and over and over again.

Franz Beckenbauer

Known as the Kaiser despite never having ruled The German Empire or The Kingdom of Prussia.

2002 World Cup

The Shawshank (as in Ronaldo) Redemption.


The Lance Armstrong of bicycle kickers.

Fernando Peyroteo

Portuguese goal-hanger.