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Premier League Preview Show: 27 Nov 2015

27 November 2015

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The Football Ramble show archive

Everybody be cool

This week the Ramblers gawp at the magnificence of the Gegenpress, put forth their views on in-stadium eagle etiquette and the Goldblum issue bubbles to the surface once more. If you want to come round we live at, you can follow us on Twitter @footballramble and like us on Facebook at It's easy and we believe in you.

24 November 2015

Premier League Preview Show: 20th Nov 2015

This week the Ramble look ahead to potential relegation decider Chelsea vs Norwich, hope that Super Jamie Vardy will be around for Leicester's trip to Newcastle, anticipate Jurgen Klopp's latest biggest test yet as Liverpool visit Man City and look forward to underrated derby Spurs vs West Ham.

Head over to for more, follow us on Twitter @footballramble and like us on Facebook at Happy Friday.

20 November 2015


This week the Ramblers mull over the recent internationals, raise concerns about the amount of Brazilian footballers threatening lions and learn about Louis Nicollin's interesting man management techniques. Pop over to if you ever need anything, follow us on Twitter @footballramble and on Facebook at Kiss.

17 November 2015

International Preview Show: 13th November 2015

It's International football time and the Ramblers chat England's approach to the coming games against teams who can easily wedgie them, Zlatan Vs Bendtner and the everemerald Robbie Keane. Visit us at, follow us around on Twitter @footballramble and like Facebook at We love you bye!

13 November 2015

That sinking feeling

This week the Ramblers demonstrate why none of them run security companies, pick through the sink-heavy wreckage of the North London derby and John Parkin makes a welcome return. Visit us at, join us on Twitter @footballramble and on Facebook at Bye!

10 November 2015

Premier League Preview Show: 6th November

The boys discuss the reality-bending super grudge match that is the North London Derby and speculate as to where Jose Mourinho will watch Stoke v Chelsea given that he's not allowed into the ground. Elsewhere chins are stroked regarding West Ham's hosting of Everton and Leicester v Watford is forced under the Ramble microscope.

6 November 2015

Have you ever spent time in a Turkish prison?

This week Team Ramble dissect Jose Mourinho's mind (figuratively), marvel at Jamie Vardy's continuing Vardyness and are detained on a surprise visit to Turkey. Get involved at, follow us on Twitter @footballramble and on Facebook at

2 November 2015

Premier League Preview Show: 30th October 2015

On this week's Premier League Preview, the chaps discuss Liverpool's big trip to a beleaguered Chelsea where the stakes couldn't be higher, cast their eyes across West Ham's game with Watford and fear for Norwich as they make the trip to the Etihad Stadium. There's also time to discuss the relative merits of a group of Swans playing against some Gunners. What joy!

30 October 2015

The definite Steve-icle

We're back to a full strength team as Pete returns to the fold with tales of his #travels, and as always there's a terrible Newcastle result to welcome him home, complete with horse punching. Elsewhere, there's the rest of the Premier League to dissect and as always your highlights of the week, as well as a certain Aston Villa manager falling foul of the dreaded #Moorestradamus... We'll be back on Friday. Keep it Ramble, you lot.

26 October 2015

The Football Ramble Preview: 23rd October 2015

This week, the boys chat about the two big derbies in the north east and Manchester, and spend a bit of time down on the sunny south coast for Spurs' visit to Bournemouth. There's also time for some Liverpool and Southampton chat and a brand new feature in which listeners tell us their #HopesandFears for their team's upcoming game.

23 October 2015

I’m a Survivor

This Monday on your favourite football podcast, the boys pore over Jurgen Klopp's debut with Liverpool at White Hart Lane, the net closing in on poor old Tim and Newcastle's party at Norwich's expense. We'll be back on Friday with our next Premier League Preview show and you can keep up throughout the week by visiting!

20 October 2015

The Football Ramble Preview: 16th Oct 2015

In the first Football Ramble Preview of the season, the boys look to Jurgen Klopp's debut at White Hart Lane with Liverpool, Big Sam's bow at Sunderland and high-stakes encounter at Stamford Bridge. Will Sherwood delay the inevitable?

16 October 2015